Advanced Skin Care


The 3rd step of our SKIN PHILOSOPHY consists of strengthening the skin once it is cleansed and resurfaced. Using Micro-current, Thermal & LED technology, this step works deep into the skins dermal layer stimulating Collagen and Elastin enhancing skin rejuvenation and tissue tightening. 

Radio Frequency

Our most popular and effective anti-aging treatment.       
This treatment uses radio waves directed through a 
probe into the skin, stimulating the formation of 
collagen and elastin.  1 Session  35min$150

RF Package

First 4 sessions  $150 each     $600
Last 4 sessions  $75 each       $300

Total of 8 sessions                   $900

*Treatment sessions frequency will be determined at consultation. 

  • LED Light Therapy           1 Session                $100
  • Microcurrent Lifting           1 Session               $100

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Joli Visage Clinique offers a range of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments. Oxygen is administered on and into the skin and your cells are immediately
replenished with the Oxygen they need and your skin is instantly hydrated. The procedure involves spraying 98% pure Hyperbaric Oxygen, that is infused into the skin through a high pressure jet.

Restores Cell Nourishment, Detoxifies, Re-hydrates, Stimulates Collagen, Increases Circulation, Accelerates Healing, Improves Skin Texture.

Oxygen Purifying Facial  90min. $179.00
This Facial is the perfect solution for re-booting or jump-starting your oxygen skin care routine. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation,
steam & extraction, Hyperbaric Oxygen Spray infused with client specific
“serum”. The combined oxygen and nutrients are penetrated by the high
pressure oxygen jet and forces its way past the skins barrier defense
systems and into the lower levels of the skin.
Anti-Aging Oxygen Replenish   120min. $229.00
Designed specifically for mature skin. This treatment includes a Joli Classique Facial,
Diamond Dermabrasion, Anti-Aging Ultrasound Penetration, Skin Suction Cleanse,
Oxygen Injector treatment and Microcurrent-Bio Pulse toning treatment, followed by a
Oxygen Capsule Mask.

Chemical Peels - Jessner Peel / TCA Peel

Clinique LumiFacial   120min. $250

Our most sophisticated problem specific facial-treatment. the LumiFacial uses LED Technology to address many different skin conditions within one session. LED light encourages collagen production, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, improves texture, minimizes puffiness, inflammation, redness, and diminishes acne. Diamond peel for rough and non sensitive types, extractions, polarized current, and a deep penetrating mask. results are immediate and skin is left cleansed, nourished, smooth, and vibrant.


Skin Tightening - Radio Frequency