Joli Visage Permanent Cosmetic

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JOLI Eyebrows

3D Eyebrow Enhancement                       $475

Whether you desire arch, thickness or length, the JOLI Eyebrow Enhancement redesigns your natural eyebrow shape in order to achieve your desired look.


Micro-feather Hair Stroke Blend              $475

This technique will redefine sparse thinning eyebrows, and create a new improved  shape. We expertly apply
hair strokes and shading to your already existing brow. This is ideal for filling in gaps or spaces, leaving you with fuller,
natural, beautifully shaped brows.



Full Brows                                                  $475

This method is a combination of expertly designed eyebrows, we incorporate hairstrokes and full color shading to create the most natural look for a person who has
little or no eyebrow hair.


Corrections & Re-Designs

If you had your eyebrows done by anher technician and would like a JOLI Color Correction or Redesign, there may be an additional cost. Price is determined at

JOLI Liners

JOLI Coquette                                     $500

This Upper and Lower Eyeliner is designed as a Cat eye appearance. Thickness and color is based on Preference. It can range from very natural to a more defined look. Upper and Lower liners are beautifully connected.


Eyelash Enhancement                       $300

A very thin natural eyeliner on the rim of the upper or lower eyelid. This enhancement is not meant to appear as eyeliner, it just gives the eye the effect of having natural darker fuller eyelashes.



Upper Eyeliner                                     $400

A thin, medium or thick eyeliner on the rim of the upper eyelid. Although natural appearing,it is designed to be a visible eyeliner.  Thickness, color and design is based on preference and is determined at  consultation.


Lower Eyeliner                                     $300

A thin to medium eyeliner on the rim of the lower eyelid. Although natural it is designed to appear as eyeliner within the eyelash line of the eye. Color choice and liner thickness is based on preference and taste.


French Trim                                          $200

A very thin white/beige line placed above the upper black eyeliner. The French Trim makes the eye appear more open and pronounced. This is ideal for women who prefer a more “done up” eye makeup look.


Lip Liner                        $300

Defines your natural lip shape by creating a Lip Liner effect. Color choices are available for a natural look or a more dramatic effect.



Lip Contour Blended      $400

Color Liner on the lip border of the lip with  some inner lip shading. This creates a more attractive, balanced effect than lip liner alone.


Luscious Full Lips         $550

Creates the appearance of wearing lipstick with a defined lip line also restores color to lips that are too pale. Color choice ranges from natural pink to a ravishing red.


Lip Reshaping               $595

Lip Reshaping is ideal for someone who lacks fullness, shape and lip definition. This technique  builds a well-shaped natural upper lip and creates attractive Cupid’s bow. (Upper top points of the lip) Expert color shading creates a very natural appearance.